Battle of the ages is a fantasy war rp where beginners and anyone that loves rping can have fun come join us even if your new at it we will help you.
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 Who's Married to who

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PostSubject: Who's Married to who   Tue May 03, 2016 10:14 pm

Shikamaru (not available to play) with Yukina (me)
Shika -
Yukina -

Kiba (open to play) with Akari (taken not avaible to rp as)
Kiba -
Akari -

Naruto (Open) and Hinata (Me)

Sakura (open) and Lee (open)

Neji (open) and Ten-Ten (open)

Sai (open) and Azumi (Me)
Sai -
Azumi -

Gaara (open) and Sandy (me)
Gaara -
Sandy -

Kabuto (open) and Kazumi (me)
Kabuto -
(Kazumi turned him back to his cute self but he still can use the snakey like forum as a jutsu)
Kazumi -

Kankuro (open) and Hanako (Me)
Kankuro -
Hanako -

Sasuke (open) and Emiko (open)
Sasuke -
Emiko -

Choji (open) and Jun (open)
Choji -
Jun -

Shino (open) and Shira (Open)
Shino -
shira -

Ino (open) and Akio (open)
ino -
Akio -

Temari (open) and Haru (open)
Temari -
Haru -
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Who's Married to who
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